Gezer Land

I am an autor and creator of a new Israeli T-shirts brand. Gezer Land is hight quality and original designed T-shirts with Israeli symbols. Fully made in Isrel product.

‘Gezer’ in Hebrew means ‘Carrot’, which is the sweetest and most vivid of Israeli vegetable 🙂

T-shirts with Israeli flag, Magen David, Western Wall, symbol of New Israeli Shekel, Dove of Peace and the other the symbols of Israel. The best souvenir that you can buy in Israel or order in internet store.

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The list of work:
  • Naming
  • Logotype
  • Graphic Identity
  • T-shirt Prints Design
  • Closing Labels & Tags
  • Web Design
  • Photo Sessions
  • Package design
  • Marketing strategy
  • etc.
Project managing:
  • Search of sewing patterns
  • Selecting and searching fabric
  • Searching and agreement signing with the sewing production
  • Print Quality Control
  • Selecting the Printing Pantones
  • Marketing strategy
  • Opening of online stores
  • Opening of the social pages
  • Marketing strategy
  • Distribution of goods